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AppMess review Wiper

Wiper text messagingWiper was released on April 4, 2014, by Wiper Inc. The following investors supported the project: Manlio Carrelli, Alex Hoffman, and Michael Choupak.

Google Play Market shows that the number of downloads for this app is from 10 to 50 M. The App Store does not provide any data on this.

Wiper review. Major functions:

  • Users register their account in the messenger in the following ways: by entering their phone number, their e-mail address or they sign up via their Facebook account. Once the contact data are specified, the user receives a security code, which is the key to entering and using the app.
  • Wiper, as most messaging apps do, offers communication by means of text messaging.
  • There are also voice calls. The developers boast that the HD quality of calls will please any user.

Wiper HD quality of calls

  • Unfortunately, the IM app has no group chats. Neither there is the function of blocking contacts.
  • Wiper wiping conversationThe chat app automatically adds contacts from the user’s address book on the phone (phone numbers and e-mails). The development team swear that these data are kept on servers in the form of a code, so no one can actually take advantage of them.
  • You can share photos. Unfortunately, there are no clear directions on how it can be done: whether you can upload an image from the phone or take a photo without exiting the app. It is unknown if you can edit a photo within the app itself.
  • Users can share video content in the messenger – and this is the app’s major feature. Mainly, it is Youtube videos that users share. You can easily find your favourite music videos, since they have already been divided into categories and watch or listen to them right in the app. Videos like these are very easy to share with friends.
  • You can also create short videos from photos and video clips you have in your Gallery.
  • Wiper does not show ads and this is, undoubtedly, it’s big advantage.
  • Wiper wipingThe developers also decided not to snow users under with stickers. Who knows, though, maybe users would have been happy, on the contrary.
  • You cannot share your location in the messenger so far.
  • The app runs only on iOS and Android devices and the developers are not saying anything about versions for other platforms so far.
  • Wiper is not a random name for the messaging app. One of this app’s main features is the Wipe button, by tapping it you delete the whole conversation from your phone, your chatters’ phones and from the app’s servers as well. Every time communication starts anew!
  • The messenger cares for the security of its customers’ correspondence. I.e, users will be notified about their conversation partners’ attempts to use any content from their mutual chat. Should anybody take a screenshot of the messages or send a video from the chat further on, the second participant will receive a notification on his/her device.
  • Another important functionality of Wiper is that it has a Bitcoin wallet attached. Users can safely send and receive bitcoin even beyond the app. Wiper has got the same tools for dealing with bitcoin that Bitcoin itself does: the wallet’s ID or QR code. A third party wallet ensures the security of transferring bitcoin within Wiper.

Wiper QR codesWiper BitcoinWiper QR codes sharing

Wiper free download

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox
The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox
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