AppMess Video Review: Wiper Messenger

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The name “Wiper” is self-explanatory, referring to message deletion. App creators are confident that once a message is deleted, it is “wiped clean” from all devices. A great emphasis has been made on privacy, resulting in the creation of a product that’s self-sustained even more than McAfee’s antivirus software. Let’s start examining this messaging app by looking at its advantages.

AppMess Video Review: Wiper Messenger

  • With Wiper, users can communicate not only via text messages, but with the help of voice calls that are of higher quality than the majority of competitors in the opinion of Wiper creators.
  • But don’t take their word for it and see for yourself. Wiper is free and is available on all platforms. Moreover, users are welcome to enjoy ad-free communication with no distractions.
  • Registration isn’t time-consuming and doesn’t cause any problems. Moreover, you can log into Wiper with your Facebook account.
  • Automated contact list synchronization will be a pleasant detail if you’re considering switching to a new means of online communication.
  • If you’re into multimedia technologies, you’ll be happy with the fact that Wiper lets its users share not only photos, but videos from, say, YouTube. Videos are broken down into categories right in the app, making it possible to share a video with a buddy in just a few taps. Same goes for music – share it with a friend via Wiper’s built-in multimedia library.
  • With security at the heart of the app, users will know exactly when and what changes were made by their friends in the dialogue windows. Furthermore, a notification will be send each time a user attempts to take a screenshot or forward a message to another device.
  • Despite being an innovative app, Wiper supports Bitcoins. Wiper guarantees that security is high enough for users to send them to one another.
    Simplicity is observed in the app’s design and main features. This will clearly catch the eye of modern users, who don’t have the extra time to master every new app’s interface.
  • To top off, who wouldn’t want to have the opportunity to wipe their message history clean and be sure that no copies are kept anywhere?

The time has come to look at Wiper’s flaws. Let’s talk cons.

  • You won’t be able to enjoy group communication in Wiper. This is a real shame, because the need to have a group discussion on a work-related or everyday issue can arise at any moment.
  • Wiper will disappoint you with its stickers, geolocation sharing options, and lack of guidelines on how to use the app and manage downloaded photos, for example.
  • Regardless of its heavy focus on comfort and secure communication, Wiper isn’t equipped with a blacklist or any other way of blocking contacts. This will surely have a negative impact on user experience.

Anyway, thanks for watching. Communicate in real life, communicate online and tune in next time!

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