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mesenger news 9

AppMess News #9

Today we will talk about: Skype for browser; DIY KIK smileys; Slack for android 2.0; Snapchat update.  AppMess News #9

Slack update


Slack, the online platform that allows whole teams to communicate has updated its Android version and has given Slack for Android 2.0. The numerous updates include an improved usability and the upgraded design to comply with Google Material Design standards. The design of the left and right drawers has been changed: now there are usual…


Russian Investments Help Slack

On April 16, the management of the team communication tool Slack announced that the last investment round has been closed. As part of the E Round, the startup raised $160 mln and was given a post-investment assessment of $2.8 bn. The creation of the Flickr co-founder, Stewart Butterfield, seriously added in value: in October 2014,…


Is Slack Getting More Investments?

Slack is a group chat platform with an integration into third-party services, such as Dropbox, Trello, Basecamp, etc. The app is only one year old but within this year it got: a $2.5-bn valuation, 500,000 Monthly Active Users, and 300 mn sent messages monthly. Even the company’s CEO is at a loss to answer the…


Slack wins

Slack is team communication for the 21st century Anyone who has had the slightest experience working in teams online is bound to have heard at least something about Slack. The project, launched in 2013, quickly became one of the best group communication solutions among instant messengers. When Slack’s founders were asked to define their brainchild…



«I HAVE NO F-KING IDEA WHY SLACK EXPLODED, TO BE HONEST” — SLACK CO-FOUNDER, STEWART BUTTERFIELD, TOLD JOURNALIST AT THE DLD CONFERENCE. A graph demonstrating the growth rate of Slack, a corporate messenger, was released not too long ago, presenting some impressive results, to say the least. We’ll go into that a bit later. Slack was…