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Jongla is a Finnish-made messaging app. Developers started working on the project in 2009. By 2010, the application for exchanging messages was released on Symbian and Java. Frankly, Jonlga didn’t last too long in this form. The developer company quickly realized that the product wasn’t going to make it on the market. Therefore, a new release of the application came out in 2012.

Jongla is positioned as a fast, reliable and interactive messaging service, but is this the truth? Check out our Jongla review to find out.

Jongla specifications:

  • img_7Jongla is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Firefox OS.
  • Having installed the app, you need to go through a standard registration process. The user must enter his/her phone number and receive the confirmation code. Once registration is complete, users can enjoy all of the messenger’s features.
  • For example, users can change the photo, background, share their statuses and even their Twitter and Facebook links with their friends.
  • Jongla automatically synchronizes user contact lists in such a way that your friends, who are also Jongla users, will be shown on top of the list. As for those friends, who haven’t installed the app yet, you can send them an invite to join Jonlga via Facebook or Twitter, email or by simply sending them a download link to any other messaging application.
  • Jongla was designed to replace SMSing, which is why texting is the main form of communication. Jongla hasn’t yet introduced voice and video calls.
  • There is the option to create, rename and edit the appearance of group chats with up to 50 participants.
  • The messenger reports on the status of messages. Delivered messages will be marked with a yellow circle, the read with a green one. Messages can also be deleted, however, Jonlga doesn’t guarantee that your conversation buddy’s device won’t keep it.
  • We can give Jongla a pat on the back for excellent voice messages that allow us to apply silly effects. This function got the name Sound Candy. Users have three filters to choose from: Chipmunk, EmoYeti and Marshall. But if you want to edit a voice message keep in mind that the length of it cannot exceed 60 seconds.


  • Photos and video can be attached to messages. There is also the possibility to upload existing media from the device’s gallery and create new ones in real-time with the help of the device’s camera. Unfortunately, there aren’t any built-in media editing functions.
  • With Jongla users can share their location, but this function has a very particular way of working. A minimap appears usually when you forward your location in a chat, but app engineers thought that chats will be overcrowded with such large images. Users have to type the messages and press the tag icon in the text field to share their location. The same icon will appear next to the message and, when clicked, a map app will launch.
  • img_4Links can also be sent via chats, but their preview is not yet available.
  • Jongla’s stickers deserve special attention. They are bright, catchy and cartoonish. This messaging app was one of the first to introduce animated stickers. Initially, users are given four sets of stickers, but more can be downloaded from the sticker store on request – for free or for money.
  • Jongla’s general settings provide users with the possibility to:
    • choose whether or not to receive push notifications;
    • decide where chat photos will be saved;
    • set hotkeys;
    • show or hide their location data;
    • control notification sounds;
    • block the screen.
  • There are no in-app ads, but there is Jongla Channels, which includes official promotion chats. There are six in total, not counting Jongla’s two private channels. It is up to the users to decide if they want to subscribe to them or not.
  • Moreover, the messaging app takes up very little space: 3.1 MB on Android, 7.11 MB on Windows Phone, 884.4 KB on Firefox OS, and only 24.0 MB on iOS.
  • The TSL encryption protocol ensures the safety of user correspondence.

img_6Additional information on Jongla:

Members of the company board and a group of private investors own Jongla.

The texting app can also boast the following awards and recognitions: Red Herring 100 Global, Red Herring Europe 2013, Windows AppAwards 2014, Best Mobile Service Finland.

The company’s top management understood a while ago that the Asian market is the most promising one with regard to messenger development. Therefore, Jongla is taking on Indonesia and Netal by storm.

Download Jongla

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox

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