WhatsApp Update: Backups and Spam Reporting

WhatsApp seems to have earned the privilege to be called the most evolutionary app on the Play Store. Basically, it’s logical for an app that adds 100 million users approximately once in a quarter. The new version, which has been largely changed for new Material Design requirements, has just appeared, it has been approximately a…

kik messenger

Kik Puts the Entire Internet into Its Chat and Leaves Facebook Messenger Behind

While Facebook Messenger became a platform only recently, its competitor with a less famous but a more succinct name Kik keeps surprising its users giving them cooler innovations. From now on, the messenger app has got a full-scale browser built in. The innovation introduced by Facebook only now (I mean becoming a platform) was done…


WhatsApp Tips Its Hat to Google

Being well behind the flagship Telegram, the WhatsApp messenger has nevertheless implemented Material Design for its Android version. Material Design became trendy after it had been presented at the summer Google conference. We cannot but notice positive changes that took place this year in WhatsApp’s policy: web-version, making calls, and now they have introduced Material…


Telegram Update. # and @

We barely had time to upload the article on Bindle – the ‘legit’ group messaging app – before Russian Telegram’s latest update managed to make it completely redundant.


LINE Timeline 5.00

The popular Japanese messaging app is confirming its reputation of “more than just a messaging app”. Along with the version 5.00, LINE becomes more of a social network than an IM service. Now you can publish any post on your timeline and let it be visible to everyone. What’s more, just like in Facebook or…


TeleInstagram? Telegram Update

According to the IM’s blog, “This update reflects Russian Telegram’s essence”. On 25 February, the Durov brothers’ brainchild got updated. The update introduced Passcodes and Photo Editor. Read all about it under the cut. Passcode Now you can set a password to Russian Telegram on iOS and Android devices. This can be done in the settings menu: [widgetkit…