WhatsApp Tips Its Hat to Google


Being well behind the flagship Telegram, the WhatsApp messenger has nevertheless implemented Material Design for its Android version. Material Design became trendy after it had been presented at the summer Google conference. We cannot but notice positive changes that took place this year in WhatsApp’s policy: web-version, making calls, and now they have introduced Material Design. The app’s developers did yield to mainstream after all. Well, better late than never.

The new WhatsApp 2.12.38 version will definitely make aesthete users happy with an up-to-date interface, flat design of elements and new animation. However, the developers left the functions unchanged.

Apart from the major design elements, which are hard not to notice, let us mention the new rounded icons of contacts, speech balloons in the chats and a floating button for sending voice messages. The method for file sharing is completely different now too. Now it is more suited to the Material Design. Also, chats now are of beautiful dark green colour and profile pictures of group chats have become much bigger.


The updated version is not available on Google Play yet, but those who long for updates, can download an APK-file from other websites as well, e.g. here. Remember, though, that this is a beta-version, so do not be surprised if you find bugs in it.

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