Calls through Skype

img_2If you are a fan of calling via Skype and you use this option often enough, then you will appreciate the latest update of this app. Now the app has new calling options to offer, they allow you to get in touch with people all over the world for a small fee. You can pay for calls in the same way as before: either by topping up your Skype account through special coupons or via buying a Skype subscription (in case you make a lot of calls and make them often).

Do you want to call via Skype? You have 8 new options:

  1. When you call Skype to Skype. Free unlimited communication with any Skype user located in any part of the globe. Basically, this is what we grew to love Skype for.
  2. When you call from Skype to mobile numbers or landlines. Paying a small fee will let you call any number and then speak until you run out of money on your Skype account.
  3. Group calls. Group calls allow up to 25 people to participate. You can add other users to the conversation for free. If you want to add people who are on their mobile or landline phone at the moment, the initiating party will have to pay for the invited to join people from his own account or as part of his subscription.
  4. When others call you on Skype. A user can set Skype as his work or personal phone number. To do that, you have to choose a number and an extension number from plenty of regional options. This will let you save money and manage your calls.
  5. When you forward calls to your Skype number. If you do not want to miss calls on Skype, you can set them to be forwarded to a landline or mobile number. You can also forward calls to any number and it will work provided you are offline in Skype. In this case, you will be charged per minute.
  6. Identifying the caller’s number. In order to be aware who your Skype calls come from, you need to set the caller ID option on your Skype account – free of charge.
  7. Cheap international calls. This is a perfect and inexpensive option for travellers. It does not take up any mobile traffic or any Internet connection at all.
  8. Click to call. You can set your Skype to work in such a way that if it finds any phone numbers on websites, you will be able to phone them by just clicking them first.


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