How to remove Skype ads: ‘Skype Ad Remover’

Skype ads remover

Skype Ad Remover is a free app for switching off adverts in Skype.

Skype has recently launched adverts on the main screen, as well as in chat windows. Ads can distract users from informal communication or even during conferences. Glittering ads may be irritating or interfere with your working process and until now it was impossible to switch off.

However, now the problem is gone, since Skype Ad Remover is made with one particular purpose – to get rid of irritating advertisements just with a simple mouse click.

The new app’s features:how to remove skype ads

  • One mouse click to switch ads off.
  • You can enable ads back at any time.
  • No need to make an additional sign up or recent your PC.
  • It’s a portable app, which does not require Java, Net or anything else.
  • The installation includes the whole range of procedures, along with uninstallation.

The new app works on 32 and 64-byte systems, starting with Windows XP.
Installation and unistallation

Skype Ad Remover includes a full installation option, so you can easily install the app yourself. The process takes place in steps, automatically.

It is also important that you can delete this app at any time using Uninstaller, which is part of the installation package by default.

How does this work?how to remove skype ads

  1. Start Skype Ad Remover from the name of administrator.
  2. At this stage you will be able to see the status of video ads.
  3. Then just click the “enable”/”disable” button.

Notice: you will probably have to log off and then restart Skype, afterwards it will work without ads.

After ads are removed, your main Skype screen may not be displayed properly. This is the only tiny problem but afterwards you will never be distracted by adverts at all.

History: version 1.0, 8 May 2015 – the first public release of Skype Ad Remover.

Compatibility: Windows NT, XP, 2003, Windows 7, 8.

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