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Skype is one of the world’s oldest and most beloved messengers. It first saw the light of day in 2003. This application has since won over a multi-million audience with its usability and free calls to any part of the globe.

Skype is now referred to as a “relic” of the messenger world, but this isn’t entirely true. Skype wasn’t wasting any time and has evolved into a multifunctional messenger with technical capabilities that easily surpass that of Viber and WhatsApp. This Skype review made it its business to prove this is true.

Technical capabilities of Skype:

  • Skype is available on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Amazon Kindle platforms. There is also a desktop version of the application and a test Web-version of Skype.
  • To add friends to the app you need to find them by their Skype name. Unfortunately, the communication app does not upload Skype contacts from the address book. However, there is the option of sharing contacts, which helps make new acquaintances quickly.

Skype contact info sharing

  • All communication is done via text messages.

Skype instant messages exchange

  • Skype is known and loved for its video calls. Their quality could be better, but that always depends on the speed of the Internet.

Skype calls

  • Thanks to the audio and video calls features, users are able to send not only voice messages, but also video messages.

Skype video messages

  • You can set call forwarding to mobile phones to reach offline users.

Skype calls redirect

  • Skype also allows you to make calls and\or send text messages to mobile numbers. If you’re curious, go to the messenger’s website to check out the table of tariffs for different countries. The most expensive call will cost 2.5 euro-cents per minute. Unlimited worldwide calls for a month cost €10.49. By the way, the first month of the Unlimited Global Calls tariff plan is on trial, and therefore free. An SMS from Skype to a mobile operator’s number costs 8 euro-cents. Hence, we can draw a conclusion that it is cheaper and wiser to call.

Skype calls to mobile opertors number


  • For the more advanced users there is even the opportunity to create your very own Skype number.

Skype Number

  • Skype group chats can connect more than 50 users. Video chats, however, support no more than 25 people at a time.

Skype conference

  • Skype is capable of sending files of any format, which is very convenient for the workflow. Sometimes the download speed of the file relies heavily on Internet quality, but, in general, it is pretty fast.
  • Users can easily share media files via Skype. In addition, photos and videos can be recorded with the help of a webcam or phone camera without having to leave the application. The only thing is that if you feel like adjusting pictures and videos in Skype, you will require additional applications, since there aren’t any within the program.

Skype file exchange

  • Users can share links to chat rooms, but they’ll be forced to use a browser outside the application to view them. We’d like to stress the fact that there is still no link preview in Skype.
  • There are no stickers in the messenger, but Skype emoticons are very vivid and colorful. Moreover, with every new update, developers change the standard set of smileys by removing or adding different faces.
  • If emoticons just don’t do the trick for you, the mobile version of the application invites you to draw a sketch.
  • Skype mobile provides the opportunity to share locations. Interestingly, the desktop version synchronizes the location, but without using maps. It only specifies the street, city and country. To sum up, Skype uses Here maps.
  • Let us not forget that each user has the ability to customize Skype the way they choose to: change the profile or group pic, update your status, change the conversation topic and choose your availability status (online, away, do not disturb, invisible). And for the most creative people eager to tailor their contact lists, you can always rename them.
  • The messaging app also allows you to customize all the different notification sounds and ringtone. Disabling notifications is very useful for group chats.
  • The “screen sharing” feature is yet another advantage of this messenger; however, it is only available on the desktop version. Nevertheless, it is possible to hold discussions or webinars without getting up from your seat.

Skype screen sharing

  • Skype has also developed many supplementary applications, many of which are business-oriented: Caller ID, Skype To Go, Skype plug-in Click to Call, GroupMe, Skype Wi-fi, Skype Manager, Skype Connect, Skype for

Skype for Outlookclick_to_call

  • Skype displays in-app advertising in order to monetize, which is rarely annoying.
  • Nonetheless, Skype’s latest and most revolutionary innovation focuses on the possibility to translate voice and written texts in real time. Today, Skype really does erase borders between countries and brings people closer together.

Major messenger-related events:

Skype Facebook integration

Skype is a communication service that has been bought and sold several times, but it continues to please its audience. The largest transaction deals include eBay in 2005 and Microsoft in 2011.

The latest innovation included Microsoft’s implementation of Skype into the standard program set for the Windows 10 operating system.

This year, Skype lost a court action to the British TV network Sky regarding the right to use the company logo of the famous messenger. We are unaware how Microsoft managed to solve the problem, but, interestingly enough, Skype’s logo still remains unchanged.

The messenger is already of a respectable age, since the application is more than a decade old. To recap, Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis founded the app that so many people can’t imagine their lives without.

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox

Price: Free

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox

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