Android v 3.1 out for HipChat

Android v 3.1 out for HipChat

HipChat available for Android Wear!

HipChat has presented a new version of its app for Android 3.1. Now the application is even deeper integrated for Android Wear. The latest update gives smart watch users the liberty to receive and reply to messages using voice command or by posting a thumbs up, thumbs down or a shrug emoticon.

HipChat is the first communication app to support dictated answers on Android Wear.

Steve Goldsmith, the company’s technical director, said that 45% out of hundreds of thousands HipChat users prefer to use Android devices.

How come HipChat is focusing on the smart watch?

HipChat is proud of the fact that they are the first team of the company’s history capable of creating desktop, mobile and smart watch versions.

How come HipChat is focusing on the smart watch?HipChat’s strategy is rather remarkable. IT companies usually turn to the app to help them create and develop various projects. Specialists in this field are among the major buyers of smart watches and other gadgets. As they create IT projects, team members try to keep in touch all the time. So, a smart watch is a vitally important way of not missing important texts and being aware of what is happening in the workplace.

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that HipChat is monitoring technical advancements and is doing all it can to please the tastes of its target audience.

Other HipChat improvements

The messenger’s new version for Androids also includes some design changes and the introduction of avatars. Not too big of a deal, but it does make communication more personal. Now users can instantaneously figure out with whom they are chatting, even if they aren’t using the desktop version of the given app.

Other HipChat improvementsFinally, HipChat for Android 3.1 offers GIFV files (a simpler GIF format), meaning that users have been granted the possibility to share links from gfycat and imgur. HipChat made a promise that moving pictures will be displayed as smoothly as possible with the minimal possible delay.

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