From Wunderlist to HipChat and back!

From Wunderlist to HipChat and back!The popular Wunderlist app made for managing tasks is now integrating into HipChat. The company has announced this in its official blog.

According to the company’s rep, this will help improve communication within a team and make work on projects go faster and make it more effective.

The biggest advantage of this integration is that it works both ways: information easily goes from HipChat to Wunderlist and vice versa.

How do you set up integration for a specific chat?

If you are a chat admin, choose the Settings tab, then tap Integrations. After that tap Wunderlist and sign in to your Wunderlist account. When this is done, you will only have to decide what Wunderlist to connect to the discussion.

How do you set up integration for a specific chatAfter the integration, it is quite easy to call up the new functionality: just type “/wunderlist” (no quotation marks). Right after you do that, you will be able to create new lists and perform the tasks listed in the Wunderlist right from HipChat. You can also set alerts in the messaging app to be notified when tasks are added, adjusted or marked as “done” in the Wunderlist app.

The company also assures that users can set any integration parameters for the app.

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