Teamchat is a new enterprise messenger

Teamchat is a new enterprise messenger

New ambitious IM app for business – Teamchat

New ambitious IM app for business – TeamchatPeople are widely using messaging apps for personal communications. It’s hard to imagine staying in touch with friends without texting or speaking to them through a video call. So many companies are producing messaging apps. To satisfy the demand, the current IM market can offer you messengers to fit various tastes: IM apps that focus on correspondence protection, messaging apps that secure your personal data, the ones that allow sharing entertaining content, apps that make your communications more emotional with stickers, etc.

Such enterprise messenger apps as HipChat, Slack, Lync, Kato, Send, etc, stand out from all other types of IM apps.

Currently, their new competitor is finding its way to the market. It is called Teamchat.

What can you do with Teamchat?

The Teamchat CEO Beerud Sheth describes the app as a ‘smart messenger’. According to him, Teamchat does not only support an IM app’s standard functions but will also enable you to work with integrated data. I.e., if you want to hear your colleagues’ opinions about the newly implemented procedures or strategy. With Teamchat you can make a poll and receive results right to you chat box. The following functionalities are also available: location sharing, forms to fill in, sales monitoring, etc.

However, Teamchat works not only with “structured” data. “Unstructured” data is supported too. The app includes an open API with a backend, which allows IT professionals to integrate Teamchat in their systems.

Will Teamchat replace WhatsApp for business?

Will Teamchat replace WhatsApp for businessTeamchat is ambitious enough to plan on pushing WhatsApp from the business segment. WhatsApp itself, according to Sheth, does not work well as a corporate messaging app due to the current limitations. It allows no more than 100 users in a group chat and supports only unstructured data.

Teamchat is beyond such limitations. It also has a lot of chat templates, which IT experts of a company-user can customize to fit the company’s needs.

Now Teamchat is available for download for Android and iOS for free. A Windows Phone version is also underway, although no particular data for the release has been named yet.

All other users are free to enjoy the web-version of the app. This makes Teamchat easy to use at any work place.

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