Slack integrates Google Calendar

Slack, the popular messaging app, has integrated Google Calendar. Now a user will see reminders about everything he/she has planned right in the chat app.

Slack integrates Google CalendarTo get the new functionality to work, a user needs to link his/her Slack account to the Google account, and then choose the Slack channel that sends him/her reminders. This can be done by tapping the Integration tab.

No need to check your events in the calendar specially any more. All the necessary reminders will pop-up themselves.

This functionality is very convenient for office communications. E.g., if a user has a Slack channel, where his/her team is working on a project, he/she may set a reminder about the deadline to be sent to the team a few days before it. This option can also be used for planning birthday celebrations or corporate parties.

Another thing the integration will let Slack users do is send the results of the day’s calendar to everyone who is subscribed to a certain channel.

Why Google Calendar?

Why Google CalendarLet us recall that Slack had an option of sharing events from the calendar way before. The integration of the Google feature has just automated the process and made it easier to conduct.

So why did Slack choose particularly Google? Well, that one is simple. Google offers one of the most popular calendar services for corporate use. Integration with Google could become an additional argument in favour of choosing Slack for those companies that are so far just looking to choose a corporate messaging app but are already using apps developed by Google.

Will Slack continue with integrations?

Will Slack continue with integrations?This is not the first integration that Slack has made. In this way the company expands the app’s functionality and tries to attract more users.

Slack plans to keep improving the messenger app and make it even more user-friendly for business users.

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