Textra SMS updated!

Textra SMS updated!


Say hello to Textra SMS 3.0Say hello to Textra SMS 3.0

An update has been rolled out for Textra SMS – an app that is a great substitute for classic SMS and MMS services. The app positions itself as a simple, beautiful and fast way to message friends. This messaging service has been developed by Delicious Inc. The new Textra SMS 3.0 version for Android came out on 26 July.

Textra SMS: old one and new one

Textra SMS is trying to win the reputation of the most beautiful messaging app. So far, it is doing quite well.

The main feature of the app is customizing. A user can customize the colour of popup notifications and message bubbles, can choose a theme for the app, set the Night Mode. A user can choose the sounds messages appear with and regulate the vibration parameters.

Textra SMS old one and new oneAnother thing you can do in the messenger is plan the automatic sending of SMS and MMS at a certain time and customize quick reply windows. The latter pop up when a user taps on the notification.

The Textra SMS developers have also enabled users to message several people at once and protect their own correspondence.

Another feature of Textra SMS is the emotionality. Since the app is always focused on the visual part, the development team has given a lot of their attention to emojis and smileys: currently there are over 800 units of those available for users.

Also, in the Textra SMS 3.0 version several bugs were fixed and an option to set the colour of the messenger icon added. To benefit from the new functionalities, just go to Settings, then Customize Look. After that – go to App Icon Colour.

Textra SMS is available for download in the Google App Store already now. Enjoy!

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