“Marauder’s map” from LINE

“Marauder’s map” from LINE

LINE lets you keep track of friends

Japan’s messaging application LINE never ceases to amaze. LINE Lite, the official lightweight version of the app, came out just recently and already the company is presenting a new product: location service LINE HERE.

LINE lets you keep track of friends

What does LINE HERE do?

Anyone, who has read a Harry Potter book, will recognize the famous “marauder’s map” in LINE HERE that helped the Boy Who Lived on several occasions. See for yourself.

LINE HERE makes it possible to share not only your location with your friends, but track their movement.

LINE HERE makes it possible to track friends movementImagine that you agree to go on a picnic with some friends and you ended up being responsible for the whole event by arriving first. In order to avoid calling your friends and spare you from the repeating “I’m on my way!”, “Be right there” you should open LINE HERE and see where exactly they are and how fast they’re going.

This, of course, isn’t as exciting as watching who walks the halls of Hogwarts, but it is useful.LINE HERE is useful

LINE HERE developers believe that their service may be of interest to those, who attend amusement parks in large groups, wait on friends at the train station or airport, want to find out where your children are while you’re at work, or maybe you’re just the type of person who always arrives to meetings before everyone else.

The app also sends out a notification once your friend has finally reached his/her destination.LINE HERE sends out a notification once your friend has finally reached hisher destination

Naturally, everything is done upon mutual consent. The users themselves configure who and for how long can track their every step.  Developers haven’t shared their thoughts on how secure the function is and whether it is possible to intercept user locations. As always, time will tell.

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