Slack will not to get rid of e-mail

Slack will not to get rid of e-mail

Is Slack integrating e-mail?

Slack messenger has announced an update that shows how effective its feedback communication with customers is. For a long time, they called Slack nothing else but “e-mail killer”. However, despite the flattering title, the development team realised what exactly the app lacked for providing a better quality service to the corporate audience.

From now on, you can integrate e-mail into Slack. In their blog, developers pointed out that despite the dominance of messaging apps, e-mail will remain an important tool that companies use to communicate with the outer world.Is Slack integrating e-mail?

Who can use e-mail in Slack?

The developers wrote in the messenger official blog that e-mail is available to users of Standard and Plus plans. They wrote that e-mail remained an all-embracing and handy tool, it is also used for receiving updates from a lot of online services. They also mentioned that they were launching a new functionality: all members of Standard and Plus plans’ teams will be able to check and read their e-mails right in their Slack channel.

US media observers say that you have to be careful here when connecting your inboxes to the teamwork messenger to prevent the user feed from turning into a pointless rubbish dump.

How do you manage e-mail in Slack?

In order to connect the service, choose a channel where your e-mails will be delivered, go to the integration page, and get a secret e-mail address, which you will use for redirecting e-mails. The new functionality is simple and reliable: a user sees a message marked as an e-mail in the newsfeed. When he taps it, he gets an expanded view of the e-mail.

The special feature of the update is that a user cannot reply to the e-mail from Slack, i.e. e-mails will be shown in the newsfeed for reading only. All other functionalities are available, though: you can quote extracts from e-mails, share the e-mail with the people who use the same channel. You can also conduct search through e-mails and messages in the channel.How do you manage e-mail in Slack?

Besides, you can provide the secret e-mail you get to other people. This will let you receive e-mails from them right into the working channel you choose. You can also indicate this address in your contact details, on your website, for example, in order that all notifications about feedback forms filled in by users were directed to the #support channel immediately.

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