Slack Emoji Reaction

Slack Emoji Reaction

Slack may change the Internet landscape

Slack Messenger, has been one of the main newsmakers of late. It has introduced an innovation that, if developed properly, can change the entire landscape of the Internet, as well as communication methods on the web.

Get ready for Emoji reactions.

The application developers at some point thought about the fact that a standard «like» does not always meet user demands (not to mention losses and diseases to which «like» does not fit at all). So they began to conduct experiments: what a proper button must look like.

Slack to change the landscape of the Internet

From the blog post:

We argued about what symbols to use: a heart, a star, a raised thumb, a tick. But then we realized that all of these images are already in Emoji sets … next to the dancers, sparks, monkeys, smiling, crying, grimacing smiley faces, and poop.

This was the way Emoji reactions were born.

Slack Emoji reactions – express everything

After the update is installed, users can add Emoji icons to messages, and the recipient will be able to tap on them to express … Well, basically, everything. You can send the thumb, or “+” to add people to the list, or use two Emoji for voting. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Additionally, Slack developers have embedded a convenient Emoji navigator, which makes the choice easy and technically convenient. Users can understand categories on the level of intuition. The way everything is divided is logical and coherent, and the ability to search by keyword makes all the process fun and interesting.

Slack Emoji reactions - express everything

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