Tinder VS Vanity Fair: who wins?

Tinder VS Vanity Fair who wins

Don’t mess with Tinder!

Last week Vanity Fair unleashed war with Tinder press service by publishing an article about how messengers similar to Tinder are harmful for relationships of millennials.

The response of the company reps was aggressive. On Tuesday, August 11, Tinder began an offensive operation against the author of the article Nancy Joe Sales in Twitter.

The bomb went off after the journalist tweeted the results of a survey, according to which 30% of Tinder users are married.

Did Tinder really have to post 30 tweets?

This, as it may have seemed, an innocent tweet sent Tinder’s PR department up the wall. On the app’s official Twitter page, they have published a post that the results of the survey are different from what is happening in real life. They suggested that anyone get in touch with them to discuss the actual statistics. After that, the company posted a tweet saying that only 1.7% of Tinder’s users are married.

Did Tinder really have to post 30 tweets?This wasn’t good enough for Tinder, though. One tweet from it followed the other. Tinder was breaking its neck to prove that the article by Nancy Joe Sales has not a single grain of truth.

Anyone who saw this ‘tweetstorm’ understands that the Tinder team got offended because the journalist had not discussed the article with them before publishing it.

However, the problem is much deeper than that. Tinder does not want to be “a casual sex engine”, whereas it does have such a reputation. But are you sure that the situation can be remedied by aggressive attempts to prove that people use Tinder for building up any sort of communications? We believe not.

No matter how many arguments they throw at you that Tinder is used in North Korea after Facebook was banned or that the app helps homosexuals communicate in Pakistan, despite the fact that same-sex conduct is forbidden there, the fact remains: the company’s specialists have made a terribly wrong PR move. This will hardly add any points to Tinder’s reputation.

You can find the “battle” below:

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