New button + GIF in Charge

GIF images are now very popular on the web. Recently, Yahoo announced it new messaging app, whose major feature is exchanging GIFs. Now Charge messenger has decided to take this path too.

Charge’s recent update expands the opportunities of the +GIF button added in June. Now this app’s will be free and unlimited in expressing their emotions through GIFs.

New button + GIF in Charge

Charge’s GIFs surprise everyone

The +GIF button automatically finds a GIF for the text that the user types in after tapping the button. Thus, the produced image will surprise not only the receiver but the sender as well. Nobody knows how well the GIF will match the text. This might make a conversation much more unexpected and fun.

How do you improve the work of +GIF?

Charge’s GIFs surprise everyoneTo make a GIF fit the message, try to think in tags and short common phrases when composing. E.g., a question “how’s it going?” will give you a better result rather than “how’s life treating you”?

Also, the GIF button does not work in a mid-sentence. Like, when you type “Hi” and then tap +GIF, the image will appear at the front of the phrase.

By the way, you do not always have to use the button. You can type in the “+gif” command (no quotes) in symbols in the text entry box. The only thing is that there must be no other words going before the command; otherwise, the messenger will consider it a regular word.

The rating of acceptable GIFs is PG-13 (for kids from 13 years old). However, sometimes Charge can bring up irrelevant images or those that push the envelope. In that case you can cancel the image you do not like or delete it from the conversation. So far, this option is available for Apple users only, though.

More information is on the official Charge blog.

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