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VOICE BOT IN CHARGE MESSENGERDo you remember what a personal digital assistant was? And how long it lasted? Right – not long. An Apple Newton is a classic example. However, those PDA things made innovators think of making the first devices, which combined two in one. They later became known as smartphones.

It is a common thing nowadays that users get voice-operated personal assistance – particularly from Siri and Google Now. However, if Siri just gives you lots of useful information, people use bots only if they have time for a chatter.

Whereas the voice recognition technology works quite well and is good in use, we cannot argue with fact that there is a certain rise in textual communication. According to a recent research, text messaging has been admitted a smartphone feature that people use most often, regardless of where the user is based. We may use various means of communication, like SMS, e-mail, etc. but still more and more people choose messaging.

The popularity of texting has brought up an ‘era’ of text bots. E.g., if you use Siri, then instead of talking to it, you will now correspond with a text bot.

Charge Messenger bots are the new form of technical assistance

Here, in Charge Messenger, they have created a bot to improve user experience and generally help them to navigate the messaging app. The team calls this bot ‘Chargie’. From now on, he will live in your messenger (a built-in feature) and he’s certainly your friend. Chargie will explain to you in details how to send a message or will even show how to use the fun features of Charge Messenger. The +GIF button is one of them.

These days bots are making the idea that people will have personal assistants (made on the basis of long gone PDAs) closer to implementation. Bots can provide you with new form of technical assistance, they improve your user experience with smartphones and they also answer the FAQs. There is still a large potential for much more, though.


So you may wonder, how Chargie can improve your life. So far, he is in progress and he’s collecting data on how he could be improved. So please give Chargie a hearty welcome and – some useful feedback about it.

More information you can find on the official Charge blog web-page.

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