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Telegram review

These days messaging apps are one of the major communication tool. Having driven out SMS and MMS, these apps are now an integral part of numerous users’ smartphones. New communication apps are designed and created around the world on a daily basis; however, not all of them can be popular and successful. The creator and former CEO of the VK social network Pavel Durov also decided to have a go at this sphere. He and his team created the Russian Telegram Messenger, which managed to survive in competition with other messengers within a short time and now keeps expanding its user base.

Telegram review

Telegram Review. Major outlines:

  • Russian Telegram is a free messaging app that allows exchanging text and media files.
  • The founders are Pavel and Nikolai Durov. Nikolai is in charge of the technical part, Pavel deals with financial issues.
  • The number of registered users, as of December 2014, was over 50 million.
  • Telegram reviewRussian Telegram was released on 14 August 2013 for the iOS platform. On 20 October 2013, an alpha version for Android came out. So far, these are the only platforms that Russian Telegram works on. The app also has a web-version. Telegram pc versions are also available for MAC, Windows and Linux.
  • Russian Telegram promotes itself as an entirely free IM service. The developers’ policy is about, according to their own words, making a project for people and it’s not about enlarging their user base. For this reason, the messenger, according to Pavel Durov himself, will never be sold.
  • Russian Telegram offers an option to invite people to the join the messenger. It is free and can be performed only at the user’s wish.
  • Russian Telegram supports conferences and bulk messaging.
  • The app contains secret chats, and they can self-destruct if you set a timer for that. This chat works only if both users are online and have marked it as a secret one.
  • Russian Telegram does not offer A/V calls or sending SMS, the technical team is not working on that so far.
  • Users correspond mainly in a chat format.
  • Telegram reviewYou can upload a photo of any size; the app will compress it to the size of a miniature. When you click on the miniature, the photo will unfold to the full-screen size.
  • Russian Telegram is connected to the smartphone’s camera and supports videos of up to 1 Gb. Just like files of any other type.
  • The messenger supports push-notifications; you can switch off this option in the settings.
  • Russian Telegram supports emojis and has its own sticker pack, which is absolutely free. Pavel Durov has set a contest and promises $100 to an author if the developers like his/her sticker and it appears in the app.
  • The Telegram app marks messages as “delivered” and “read”.
  • The app shows when you are online/offline. There is no “invisible” mode.
  • You can also share gif. animation files.
  • You cannot delete or retract messages.

Design and functions:

  • The app’s design is simple and minimalistic.
  • New users register just as they do in other messengers: the account will be connected to the phone number. However, it happens via an SMS notification or a phone call. Some users claimed that after such a phone call money were taken off their telephone account; these rumours were never confirmed, though.
  • Telegram reviewIf you lose your smartphone, you can block the app on a special web-site; experts say that it will not even have your conversations deleted. If your device was stolen deliberately to get access to correspondence, sadly though, the correspondence can still be found in the smartphone’s cash memory. This trouble is typical of most messaging apps these days.
  • Your contact list is displayed in Russian Telegram on a usual scheme – the messenger automatically adds all the contacts who have the app installed on their devices.
  • Initially, 18 types of wallpaper for chat backgrounds are built into Russian Telegram, you can also create your own wallpaper.
  • You can upload profile photos, add contacts to the blacklist, and contact the technical support team. It’s not like the brothers Durov from Russia have reinvented the wheel, it’s just that their messenger has all the basics that any user needs.
  • Overall, users have duly appreciated the messaging app. Pavel Durov was right to put an emphasis on the security of personal data and correspondence. The current situation in the world leaves something to be desired, so information security has become a crucial issue.

Events around Telegram:

In the US, Russian Telegram has outperformed Facebook Messengers by the number of downloads.

Telegram reviewIn South Korea, the messenger was a real boom! Users en-mass began to give up the KakaoTalk messenger, which was popular back then, and started to download Russian Telegram. In the end, the Russian businessman’s app got ahead of the definite at that moment leader of this market segment in South Korea. The reason for that was the statement made by the Korean government legal authorities. The public prosecutor office was planning to obtain access to personal correspondences of Koreans in order to arrest those who spread false rumours. This made young Koreans concerned, and they preferred Russian Telegram over KakaoTalk, because the security of personal data and correspondence was Durov messenger’s brand signature. The messaging app was meant to be simple and secure in the first place.

The Russian Telegram developers team is running a contest offering $200,000 to those who manage to find bugs in the messenger.

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox
Price: Free
The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox
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