7 Telegram updates for IOS and Android


On April 30th, Russian Telegram team presented features that a lot of users had been waiting for. They include:

  • places;
  • photo captions;
  • voice messages;
  • smart notifications;
  • link previews;
  • typing and emoji update for Android;
  • invite links for groups.

Link preview update helps users to see the key information about the URL sent via the messenger. It doesn’t matter whether the link is an article, a blog, a photo or a YouTube video suggested by your friend, you will see a small description and a picture of it. To make your chat look not too crowded you can anytime tap the small X at the bottom, and the preview will disappear, leaving a clear link.

Invite links allow Telegram chat moderators to share a link of a group talk with the users of other messengers. As soon as the latter install the Russian Telegram app to their device it is a no-brainer for them to join the chat just by tapping the link.

telegram link previewtelegram invite linktelegram voive message

Chat typing updates will indicate what your partner is doing: recording a voice, sharing a photo or texting you. You can add caption to the photo you want to share if you like.

The redesigned emoji menu will help you express what words can`t tell.  And smart notifications won’t buzz anytime there is a new message. The Russian Telegram team promises to extend the emoji bar even more by adding quite a load of stickers soon.

If you see your friend checking in to one of the cool places in a city, you can view the location and get directions to it.

For some reason this update was called “epic”. Lets hope due to the numerous new features, but not because of additional storage space on users’ devices.

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