Zendo — the Confidential Messaging App

Zendo Protection over comfort? Let me guess what you’re gonna say: “Another messaging app?!”. And, yes, Zendo is the new texting app on the block. Despite the occupied niche, referring to WhatsApp’s billion users, the market has not yet found a universal way of protecting data.   In exchange for getting free service, we let…


Do Not Text While Driving

It’s easy to get distracted when driving. However, you can make sure you (the passenger sitting next to you or a bystander) stay safe by not texting when driving. The apps and facts we’re telling about below will help you in that. In the US, 660,000 thousand drivers use their mobile phones while driving, despite…


Up Close & Personal Emoji Explosion

Pixel pusher Albert Omoss presented a short video with a nifty demonstration… It is pretty difficult to explain what goes on here, so make sure to check it out with your own eyes: The hashtag to this clip is #theinternetmademedoit  Thanks, Albert. Now I know how my body would disintegrate, had I been made 100%…


Line is WhatsApp Rival That Earns Millions on Stickers

  The giant social network you`re bound to hear about We met a Line rep, the fast growing Asian messenger app, in a modest room in Barcelona, where the annual MWC exhibition recently took place. The company looked totally unambitious to me.   Line is an offspring of the Internet giant Naver in South Korea….


5 WhatsApp Settings Worth Revising

  Source: Flickr, Microsiervos Geek Crew 1. Don’t save ‘incoming media’.  WhatsApp saves all shared images and videos by default. After a while, your device memory fills up with other people’s photos, images, and other unnecessary junk. By unchecking the box you will still be able to receive and view sent files, but leave the device’s memory…


WhatsApp Purchase. A Year Later

Messaging apps are the most popular ones in the mobile applications’ market. Snapchat is valued at around $20 billion. Exactly a year ago, in mid-February 2014, nobody could imagine anything like this. So, when Zuckerberg announced that his social network would buy a messaging service that is hardly known, US pundits began to ask themselves…



Continuing the first part of Messenger Personas, today we will talk about the two founders of the popular messaging app Viber. Talmon Marco Born in Israel in 1973 and having graduated from Tel-Aviv University where he majored in Computer Science and Management, he chose the IT sphere as his permanent area of work. After he…


How to Make the WeChat of the West. Directions from the Kik’s Founder

The founder of Kik has written a long post entitled: The Race to Become the WeChat of the West. Here we offer you the major points: Back in 2009 investors believed that users need nothing but Facebook. Investors were irritating: Why do you need chat that’s just on your phone? Why just texting is not…



Behind every popular product there is a genius. Bill Gates was Microsoft’s prodigy, Steve Jobs did it for Apple, and Mark Zuckerber struck gold with Facebook. Billions of people are using products from these companies, while the names of the founders are buzz words. When it comes down to messengers the case is totally different….