5 WhatsApp Settings Worth Revising



Source: Flickr, Microsiervos Geek Crew

1. Don’t save ‘incoming media’
WhatsApp saves all shared images and videos by default. After a while, your device memory fills up with other peoples photos, images, and other unnecessary junkBy unchecking the box you will still be able to receive and view sent files, but leave the devices memory out of it.


2. Hide message previews.
The harmless function that shows the text of sent messages under notifications. It remains harmless until a curious friendaccidentallydecides to read your messagesPerhaps, my paranoia is turning up, but you be the judgeHere’s how it is disabled:

3. Share your location.
A comfortable and underrated feature. Hands down the best reply toWhere are you?”, “When are you coming?, “What’s taking so long?” 
In order to achieve this you need to give WhatsApp access to your geo data:


4. Hide when you werelast seenonline.

Have you ever had a situation when you’ve already read a message, but aren’t daring enough to answer it? Hide the last seen online option from WhatsApp. You can do this in the ‘Privacy’ tabBut beware! You too will no longer be able to see when your contacts were last seen online

5. Set up automatic backup
WhatsApp can automatically back up all correspondence in a defined period of timeAuto back up is done daily, weekly and monthly. The chats and contacts are stored in your iCloud. This is how you can set it up:

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