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Messenger Apps Review. Part 1

Facebook Messenger overcame the stage of being a messaging app a week ago. Rumours have proved to be true: Messenger has indeed turned into a platform. So far, Zuckerberg’s creation is far from giants like LINE and WeChat. But, in any case, it is way more diversified than one-dimensional WhatsApp or Viber. The thirty-eight apps…


It’s official! Facebook Messenger is growing into a platform

Mark Zuckerberg kicked off the social networking giant’s annual F8 developer conference in San Francisco, where he confirmed the rumor that we speculated on earlier.   iOS and Android app stores got a new batch of applications made to work exclusively with Facebook Messenger. Currently, there are approximately 40 of them on offer and we’ll make it…


Facebook Messenger to Become Platform?

On March 25, the F8 Developer Conference takes place. Mashable has found out that during that conference the social network will show about 20 additions to Messenger.


Money Transactions via Facebook Messenger. Now It Is Official

One of our previous posts was about a guy who likes to dig into apps for codes using Cycript. Once he came across three code lines suggesting that Facebook was working on implementing P2P payments into Messenger. Before that, yours truly had written a post about “Messengers of the Future”, forecasting this feature to be…


INSTEAD OF EMAILS: Facebook at Work

People working in teams have long since developed a tendency of replacing their awkward email clients with faster and more functional services, like Yammer, Slack and their analogues. The other day Facebook (that’s trying to race everyone to the finish line) started testing a special messenger (or, as an option, an expansion of an existing…



FACEBOOK MESSENGER BEGAN TESTING ITS SERVICE THAT AUTOMATICALLY CONVERTS VOICE MESSAGES TO TEXT The messenger’s veep presented to the court of public opinion an announcement in the form of a prototype of the intended interface As many of you know, we already offer a feature that enables people to send voice clips to their friends…



Facebook will take care of your money Facebook Messenger will become more than just a messenger. Stanford computer science student Andrew Aude will back that up. He has an unusual hobby — with the help of Cycript (iOS app exploration developer tool) he looks at the internal components of various apps. He did the same…

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Andrew Watts A 19-year-old US student at the University of Texas, who published a story on his blog about his attitude towards social media and messengers. The most interesting excerpts from the text are given below.