Facebook will take care of your money

Facebook Messenger will become more than just a messenger. Stanford computer science student Andrew Aude will back that up.

He has an unusual hobby with the help of Cycript (iOS app exploration developer tool) he looks at the internal components of various apps. He did the same thing to Facebook Messenger, digging up an interesting piece of code:


These screenshots directly confirm that Facebook is taking up mobile banking. There isn’t any information regarding the fees, therefore, the first money transfers will be free of charge. Another part of the code was found, intended for group payments, but it will not be available at first. Almost a year ago Mark Zuckerberg hinted that Facebook was interested in mobile payments. This was later supported by relevant appointments — David Marcus quits PayPal for Facebook.

What does this mean for the average user? Remittance will no longer be a pain the neck. Money transfers will take three clicks: select a friend from the contact list, select a credit card and enter the amount. No need for going to the bank or other unnecessary actions. Sending money will be just as easy as texting.

Too bad there isn’t any info on when payments will be up and running. This exactly the fly in the ointment.


Globalization opponents need to take their eyes off of Google and turn their attention to Facebook for a change. The huge number of acquisitions and the various areas covered by Zuckerberg’s company are very frightening, to be frank.

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