Facebook Messenger to Become Platform?


On March 25, the F8 Developer Conference takes place. Mashable has found out that during that conference the social network will show about 20 additions to Messenger.

Who developed those additional apps, how to install them is unknown yet, and Facebook would not comment on that.

This move (introducing third party applications) is quite predictable and is part of current trends. These trends have turned Asian messaging apps into much more than just messengers but made full-scale platforms out of them. WeChat, LINE, KakaoTalk are a few steps ahead of their peers and offer cab calling service, “clever” hotel suites, banking.

Let us recall that earlier Facebook Messenger added money transactions without charging anything.

While Telegram is adding bonuses monthly, LINE is launching business programs and Facebook is introducing money transactions, the chat app with the largest number of users – WhatsApp – is virtually doing nothing and is still where it was before. The only update it made was the launch of the web version in January long ago.

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