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The messenger’s beta version was available in its basic form on third generation Symbian, and, having transformed along the way, the app did make it into 2015 and is actually one of the top players on the messenger market. Let’s cut to the chase and try to figure out what made the legendary app so successful?

Video Review: QQ Messenger

  • Despite its Chinese origin, the app has been extremely popular throughout the globe for several years now. This gives it an undeniable advantage when people ask themselves: what messaging app should I start using?!
  • Multiplatform support and the possibility to access the app from a computer are must-have features of any modern texting app.
  • User groups is a handy function that helps you break down your contacts into subgroups and quickly sort them according to tasks and priorities. This is definitely a timesaver.
  • Set your status to notify your friends that you are ready to converse, or, on the contrary, that you don’t want to be disturbed right now. This feature will be an asset for any messenger with no exception.
  • A relatively simple design, although not quite up to modern standards, but it does help you settle in the app quickly and places all necessary control elements within reach.
  • Transfer files, make audio or video calls, check your email and even share your screen with a contact – all of this has long been available in the lite, but vast in terms of capabilities messaging app.
  • Group chats and contact search will help you first find the right conversation partners, and then support you in discussing important questions with them. In theory, this messaging app is capable of serving as a corporate communication tool for small staff teams.
  • There is a number of third-party clients that are compatible with QQ’s protocol, making it so open and public.
  • QQ is equipped with many built-in features and extensions that were designed to help you pass the time and get better acquainted with your conversation friends.

    Moving on to the “What are QQ’s disadvantages?” talk:

  • The lack of adequate localization and a very time-consuming registration process won’t help QQ win over the modern experienced user.
  • EFF awarded QQ two points out of a possible seven for its security, which is why the aforementioned possibility of conducting your business correspondence and starting dialogs in QQ shouldn’t be exercised beyond simple talks about the weekend and lunch break.
  • There are many bugs, ranging from the occasional inability to delete groups all the way to popping hieroglyphs. Let’s go ahead and add large doses of annoying ads to this list and we won’t be too happy with the end result.

    That’s that. Thanks for watching. Communicate in real life. Communicate online and see you next time!

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