DefTalk Messenger – AppMess News #25

AppMess News 25
  • Snapchat has already figured out how to benefit from Looksery – a Ukrainian company purchased by the US image-sharing app for $150 million. Spiegel’s recent purchase will allow Snapchat to make millions of dollars every year by selling Lenses. Lenses is actually the standout feature of Snapchat’s recent acquisition. With it, users can let their imagination run wild and play around with the most popular modern smartphone feature – the selfie. You can get more lenses by purchasing additional ones. By the way, reports show that Snapchat can make up to $750k from selling filters on a busy day. The studio engaged in designing these filters, Looksery, will get around a million dollars in royalties from Snapchat every month.

AppMess News #25

  • Charge messaging app got an iOS update. The app’s appearance is now even simpler for new users, although it did stay true to the app’s key features. Charge supporters can assess the update not only on their smartphones – the iPad version lets you split the app screen, with the left side displaying the dialog list and the other focusing on the active chat. In addition, the handy user-requested ‘Start new chat’ button has finally been put up. It warms our hearts to see engineers take user feedback into account.
  • Defcom has rolled out a new secure messaging app, which, according to developers, was specifically designed to provide us with reliable data protection. The app was able to make it to the top of the Russian app store within the first week of its release. In a nutshell, DefTalk messaging app encrypts messages on the user end and no data is stored on servers. The app got quite a lot of positive feedback regarding its mechanics and design. However, the messenger does have a drawback – its price, which is a whopping $50. Nevertheless, you have to take into account that the app is primarily intended for the elite business class. We will keep our eyes on this Ukrainian creation.
  • Speaking of business, Skype has introduced a little something for its business clients. Skype for Business saw the light of day on October 14. This specialized version of the communication client is designed to be largely used during business meetings with up to 250 participants. It is, of course, packed with audio and video calls and, in addition, it now runs faster and provides higher call and picture quality. Moreover, data protection was also improved and updated. Earlier it was reported that the app will cost at least $2, but we haven’t heard anything on the subject since the iOS version of the app came out. Anyone who feels like it can already download and enjoy the free app with enhanced options for administrators.

That is it for the week. Communicate in real life. Communicate online and take care!

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