Facebook Messenger Comes To Apple Watch – AppMess News #22

AppMEss News 22
  • Log into Facebook with the Apple Watch. A couple of weeks ago it was announced that the updated version of the smart watch, 2.0, will let users run new apps. Users get to enjoy such programs as medical app AirStrip, self-explanatory app iTranslate, and, more importantly for us, Facebook Messenger. Thanks to the redesigned interaction mechanism, the messaging app will give users the option to Like, chat using stickers and even share locations, not to mention the fact that they can send audio messages. So, now we can expect other players of the instant messaging market to play catch-up.

AppMess News #22

  • Skype crashed worldwide on September 21. For a long period of time, users from all across the globe were unable to connect to the service. Some users were eventually able to access the app’s mobile version. The company’s technicians claim that they were fully engaged in resolving the unexpected shutdown. Interestingly, Skype was unable to provide a clear statement on what exactly happened and why. However, the statements of individual employees indicate that the glitch was caused by an error in the status system. Mistakes like these can be very costly for the company that is losing its authority every day as it is.
  • This week, user attention was drawn to the new project from Russian engineers called Kuku-Au, in reference to the sounds we make while playing hide-and-seek. In support of the country’s policy to move away from import, Disprice’s team made the idea of creating a Russian national messaging app a reality. According to app creators, the announced app will be a complete platform with access to multiple services such as e-hailing, for instance. So far, there isn’t much info on the project, but journalists expect the Android version of the app to come out as early as October. We will keep you posted on how this interesting experiment plays out. After all, developers claim that beating WhatsApp and Viber on their home turf will be as easy as taking candy from a baby.
  • TechCrunch Disrupt saw yet another Russian IT industry activist Pavel Durov speak ill of WhatsApp. The eccentric businessman dug at his rival Ian Koum, claiming that the latter’s product isn’t capable of storing messages on all gadgets. Durov stressed that such factors not only prevent users from using the app with comfort, but also have a negative impact on data security. Moreover, Pavel said that instant messaging apps are globally trending and predicted they will further strengthen their position and become even more dominant on the global scene in the near future. As for his own project – Telegram – Durov reported that paid services will soon be added to the communication app.

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