Open Jongla – AppMess News #24

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  • Google reps reported that the new Android version of Hangouts will finally be able to play GIF animation. Increased operating speed will also feature in the update alongwith bug-free splash screen booting and chat history display. For the time being, it isn’t clear when the updated version of the app will be officially presented.

AppMess News #24

  • Jongla engineers have voice a bold statement. They claim that their product’s Open Jongla feature will be able to efface the existing boundaries of onlinecommunication. The bottom line is that Open Jongla lets users send free SMSs, stickers and images to their favorite contact, regardless of the messaging app the latter is using. This can truly be called a breakthrough: such data is exchanged by means of links that open the sent file in full in a browser. The app is available for download onany known app store.
  • Pavel Durov’s Russian messaging app got its share of bots from Russian IT giant Yandex. The bot offers a handy image search plus all the benefits of usingYandex.Maps, and Yandex.Traffic. In addition, Yandex’s integrated bot gives you several translations of a particular word in a text. When its forces are combined with thatof Yandex.Translate, it becomes really easy to communicate with foreign buddies from your friend list.
  • Skype also decided not to lag behind the aforementioned competition. Its users are now able to enjoy  simultaneous voice call translation – a  function that was firsttested last December. Users have been waiting for this option for quite some time now and we can only hope they got what they wanted. Not only can Skype.Translatorrecognize speech and translate it automatically, it is able to learn, which will make the feature more effective with every use. If you own a version of Windows 7,8 or 10, you can already translate from six languages.

That’s it for the week. Communicate in real life, communicate online and see you next time!



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