WeChat valued at $83.6 bln – AppMess News #19

AppMess News #19
  • WeChat is becoming more expensive. Bloomberg set the app’s value at 83.6 billion dollars. This figure is somewhat out there, if you consider the last know amount paid for a messenger. For example, the $18 billion given for WhatsApp by Facebook or Snapchat’s estimated value of $16 billion. It’s worth noting that WeChat, ranked second in the world in terms of its user base, has a thorough monetization plan. In addition, it already made a name for itself on the more than promising Asian market, justifying its estimated value.

 AppMess News #19

  • WhatsApp’s update allows saving correspondence and call history on Google Drive. Back up your data with the help of your Google account and stop worrying that your vitally important information will be lost forever. However, many users reported that they had problems backing up their data on Android 5.0, meaning that WhatsApp’s team still has some work to do before their app is clear of all errors.
  • According to statistical data, people who were born after 1995 prefer to use QQ as their main messaging app, since they’d like to keep their private lives in secret from their parents, who are on WeChat. Moreover, when compared with WeChat, QQ has more games and a good friend search engine. This is, actually, a lot like the situation in the Western world, where teens ran for Snapchat to hide from hovering parents on Facebook.
  • The colossal Disney empire wants to further increase its wealth. The studio came out with its own app for all Star Wars related communication. The app is full of emojis and stickers that depict the saga’s iconic characters. George Lucas was first in line to get his very own emoji in the unordinary communication app. The trick is knowing the difference between a tribute and the desire to make an easy profit. In any case, it’ll definitely be a positive experience.
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