Line Out for Android – AppMess News #20

AppMess News 20
  • Corporate messaging app Slack is a full-fledged platform, which is why it is possible to integrate additional tools. So, the company is currently actively campaigning for people to learn about the new feature “Add to Slack”. With this feature users can immediately forward links right in the app and save a lot of time doing so. A rather timely move, given the app’s business aim to attract new partners.

AppMess News #20

  • We are keeping track of the ambitious Snapchat and its financial situation. And, to tell you the truth, the results are depressing so far. After all, last year the company made 3 million dollars, having spent more than 120. You don’t have to be an economics wiz to understand that the situation is far from stable. Nonetheless, the financial report didn’t include profits made from the Discover tab. It is quite possible that this move is aimed at lowering expectations regarding Spiegel’s company, so that they can wow everyone in the future.
  • This week LINE released an updated Android app version 5.4. LINE Out is the key highlight of the update. The company’s management claims that with it users will be able to make in-app calls directly to landlines and cell phones at quite low rates. We can’t put aside the fact that the new function is a lot like what Viber users have enjoyed for a while. The update also covered the modernization of the contact list and the new call history feature.
  • Meet Standup Bot. It is a new feature from the messaging app for business correspondence HipChat. The Bot is designed to lend a helping hand when a chat member misses some important part of a discussion for any reason. The assistant tracks conversations and presents its main bullet points on demand. Deep down it is an enhanced and simplified scheme for reading message history, because the Bot only follows messages from people who the user finds important.
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