New Skype For Mac OS – AppMess News #17

AppMess news 17

 AppMess News #17

  • A new version of Skype has come out for Mac. 7.10 – the latest available assembly – has helped take care of video call errors, rid the app of occasional flickering and video signal loss. The improved video quality is a very significant update that will put a smile on quite a few faces. The contact list has also changed its appearance; nevertheless, some problems with the phone number display remain. The firm claims that they are already on it.
  • Spray is a new local messaging app. The product may become popular because it isn’t mainstream and it isn’t planning on blowing everybody away with standard texting options. Instead, the creators of the hyperlocal communication app position the product as an app that will enable you to communicate with people who are in a particular area. The standout feature of the app is its range. Spray lets you communicate with people who are within a 300-yard radius from your device. To contact one another you both need to have the app installed on your devices: quick, convenient, and a lot like Yik Yak.
  • WeChat will allow users to trade in securities. In more detail, information has been circuiting online that the new messenger-based platform will be fitted with the facial recognition technology, and you’ll need a photo if you plan on opening up an account. It still isn’t too clear how the point-of-sale will be integrated in the messaging app, but the presence of the idea is truly a breakthrough for the entire Asian market, which is advancing in communication technologies by leaps and bounds as it is.
  • Save Snapchat for last. This year the app is planning to earn $50 million. A bold statement for a company that started making money only a few months ago and still hasn’t got a Financial Director. It is expected that long-term updates, such as “Best friends” and “Live stories”, will help the app break the bank, because next year business analytics set the bar to 200 million in profits. The next financial director, whomever he may be, has his work cut out for him.

Communicate in real life, communicate online and see you soon!

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  • CatawakAug 12, 2015 в 7:47

    I like new skype. Now i can speak with my friends without problem and comfortable. It's good really!

  • MdoggerysmeAug 12, 2015 в 7:47

    Now i use new skype. The messenger the best and i want to use this messenger in next time too because it is comfortable for me.

  • ShowMonkeyAug 12, 2015 в 7:49

    I think that this new skype will work without problem and i want to use this program. I hope all will the best.

  • CodexplAug 12, 2015 в 8:03

    very good news :) i hope skype now without errors )

  • WeareKnotAug 12, 2015 в 8:04

    I happy because i like skype and now i can use it without problem!

  • DonaldStartAug 12, 2015 в 8:09

    really? cool 😉 Now skype will be the best messenger

  • GamervernelAug 12, 2015 в 8:13

    I like skype and i happy that now skype more safely.

  • DoubleAug 12, 2015 в 8:19

    You Want know what i think about this news? It's good news because now i can use my lovely messenger on the macbook and it will without problems for me.

  • ReadyEliteAug 13, 2015 в 8:10

    I glad to listen this news because skype my lovely program and now skype will work more stability. It is really good. I think all people a have this means

  • GodConspiracyAug 13, 2015 в 8:14

    Thank you for good news. I like skype but for macbook skype was not good. Every day a have an errors but now i havent this problems and will use skype with more desire.