Meet Beme Messenger by Casey Neistat – AppMess News #15

appmess news 15

Let’s talk about this week’s main headlines.

  • Seems that another app is eyeing Snapchat’s audience – BeMe. A famous Youtuber, Casey Neistat, has gone into the startup game by launching a new messaging app. BeMe is planning to encroach upon the target audience of Vine, Instagram and Snapchat. It’s planning to win them over with its unique features. The bulk of the messenger’s content will be made up of not six, but 4 second videos recorded on iPhones. The catch is that you will be able to send these video to a complete stranger. A very unusual feature that might fail, we shall see. In any case, it will make one heck of an experiment.

AppMess News #16

  • Facebook is in no hurry to adapt its applications to the Apple Watch. As we can see, a sufficient amount of time has passed since the launch of the fruit company’s watch, but Facebook has shown no signs of providing a WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger client for the brand new device. The thing is that Zuckerberg’s company is still trying to find an effective way to implement its main functions onto such a small screen. BTW, Google and Snapchat are also taking things slow with the release of the new version of their apps capable of operating on the smart watch, referring to the same issue.
  • One of the most popular organizing application, Wunderlist, is now a part of Hipchat. Messenger spokespeople say that this cooperation will help improve inner-user communication and save valuable time. The key advantage is that the integration works both ways, that is, information can be moved in both directions with no problem. All we need to do is visit the application’s settings menu and confirm the authorization of the friendly app.
  • Yahoo Messenger user will appreciate the app’s new version. However, the product will be called Yahoo Livetext and will enable users to share videos with emotions and texts. The former is, in fact, Livetext’s competitive advantage. For the time being, the messenger has officially been released only on the Chinese market. It hasn’t yet been presented in the US, which explains why specialized news sources haven’t yet made up their minds regarding the updated product. Such differentiation is signaling that Yahoo is slowly losing ground and is trying to cling on to the market by any means possible. Let’s hope that the once very ambitious project will succeed.
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