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KIK Messenger

2009 marked the birth year of BlackBerry’s very own texting app. However, the app appeared in all its glory in 2011, when, amid riots in London, it reaffirmed its status as a rather reliable means of communication.  Kik can be thought of as BlackBerry’s product, since Ted Livingston was directly involved in its development during his internship there. And, already, within the first few years of existence, the app scooped up more than 27 million greenbacks in investments and attracted 100 million active users. The project’s current investment piggybank amounts to at least 70 million dollars, while the number of users has doubled. In the end, the corporation and the messaging app not only parted ways, but caused a public scandal. Nevertheless, Kik remains one of the most interesting representatives of its class.
Let’s take a closer look at Kik’s strong points.

KIK Video Review

  • Kik’s operating speed. This positive quality is what made users fall in love with the messenger in the first place. The Canadian developers came up trumps by betting everything on timely message delivery notifications and smooth operation even at low Internet speed.
  • The simple and lite design can also be viewed as an advantage, since being able to not annoy users is as important as providing them with the basic functions.
  • Kik isn’t tied to telephone numbers, unlike some competition, giving users the possibility to maintain some level of confidentiality, since you will have to indicate your name and pass authentication to register an account.
  • App customization is something that we can’t bypass, because developers did everything to ensure convenient in-app communication, giving users the opportunity to communicate in group chats.
  • Kik gives you the liberty to manipulate the contact list, as in filter and blacklist user profiles.
  • The texting client is free, which kind of makes you eager to test it out yourself. Additionally, you won’t hear Kik users complain about too much ads, cuz there aren’t any.
  • Last year, Kik and Sony Records were honored with an award from IPD for exceptional music collaboration with the participation of popular pop boy band One Direction.
  • Users can easily share various content directly from the browser, thus simplifying interaction and considerably saving time. Anyway, the messenger lets you send images and self-made sketches.
  • Undeniably, helping thousands of people by collaborating with charities will have a positive effect on the messaging app’s reputation.

Nobody’s perfect! So, let us look at Kik’s downsides:

  • For quite a while, the app was unable to provide users with properly functioning contact synchronization, forcing users to look for one another by their logins. Of course, this option is overcomplicated and often pushes users away, especially in the initial stage of the product’s launch.
  • When compared to its competition, Kik has a rather meager list of options. This is bad for the product’s image in the eyes of the users, who love unlimited communication and in-app entertainment. After all, they won’t find neither the call nor the video transfer option.
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation awarded 1 out of 7 possible points to the app’s security. Therefore, despite being marketed as a confidential messaging app, third parties can easily get a hold of personal user data. So, don’t be fooled by meaningless ads from brands.
    Communicate in real life, communicate online and see you soon!
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