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Sezam – Messaging App for Handicapped People

While messaging apps are competing which of them is more secure, which has the biggest number of stickers and unique features, there are people for whom this literary does not mean a thing.


New Player – Txtter Messenger

From Facebook’s WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage, to messaging services like Kik and Telegram, one may think that the market of IM apps has been already saturated. There are also video and photo-oriented services, such as Instagram, Twitter-owned Vine or DubSmash, Coub, etc, which mean to give users wider opportunities of exchanging messages. Despite the fact…


They Finally Did It! WhatsApp Rolls Out Free Calling

The calling feature that WhatsApp promised to introduce in the first quarter of 2015 has finally arrived. The giant has finally shown signs of life. After all, despite the archaic messaging app’s vast audience, being behind everyone in the world tech-wise isn’t the most pleasing spot to occupy. This is exactly why WhatsApp released its…



WhatsApp announced the release of the messenger’s web-version. From now on you can send and receive messages directly in your browser.   This is the app’s first “evolutionary step” since it was bought out by Facebook. To join you need to: Go to Scan the QR code using WhatsApp, having initially updated the app…


Brief Case File: Wire

The Next Web had its point when it put the Wire messenger on the list of the most promising 2014 projects, predicting it to grow big and strong in 2015. So why is the messenger so good, and what are its advantages?