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Money Transactions via Facebook Messenger. Now It Is Official

One of our previous posts was about a guy who likes to dig into apps for codes using Cycript. Once he came across three code lines suggesting that Facebook was working on implementing P2P payments into Messenger. Before that, yours truly had written a post about “Messengers of the Future”, forecasting this feature to be…



Zuckerberg’s company has issued a quarterly statement, which said that over half a billion users of the social network, particularly, 526 million, use Facebook from their smartphones only. In the previous quarter, this figure was whole 70 million smaller and a year ago the number of the FB mobile version fans was 78% smaller than…


INSTEAD OF EMAILS: Facebook at Work

People working in teams have long since developed a tendency of replacing their awkward email clients with faster and more functional services, like Yammer, Slack and their analogues. The other day Facebook (that’s trying to race everyone to the finish line) started testing a special messenger (or, as an option, an expansion of an existing…