Zuckerberg’s company has issued a quarterly statement, which said that over half a billion users of the social network, particularly, 526 million, use Facebook from their smartphones only. In the previous quarter, this figure was whole 70 million smaller and a year ago the number of the FB mobile version fans was 78% smaller than it is now.

The point here is that when making the statement, the statistics of the company’s messengers was taken into account as well. Adverts from mobile platforms brought Facebook 69% of its total revenue of $3.6 billion. This figure rose 16% compared to the same time period last year.

Thus, one can make some conclusions regarding the priorities of Mark Zuckerberg, whose aim is to get users feel comfortable chatting in any place and at any time, regardless of whether they have access to their PCs. The tactics of favouring a separate messenger is obviously proving efficient and the fact that FB owns the largest one of them (WhatsApp) gets one to think that probably it will be Facebook that will be the leader in the instant messaging market as well.

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