Snapchat Lures Growth Lead Away From Facebook


Snapchat Development

The messaging app Snapchat, in spite of all sceptic predictions, is continuing to pursue a balanced and long-term development policy. In the framework of this strategy, Anthony Pompliano became the head of the business operations team a couple of days ago. He used to lead Facebook’s growth and user engagement departments. Brian Theisen will supervise Anthony’s work.


This appointment is very significant, since it’s about time that Snapchat figured out what its development strategy is going to be. In particular, the company is starting to expand beyond the US market, which implies that they have subtle knowledge of regional features, are ready to analyze local demographics and focus on cultural values.

Snapchat Strategy

Moreover, new approaches and tools for increasing the user base are just as important to the app’s success. We could say that the fact that Snapchat allows users to add friends with the help of QR codes is a good example of a deliberate decision. Such solutions simplify the process of expanding the contact list of each user, resulting in overall growth.

The last estimated cost of Snapchat was around $20 billion. Judging from the look of things, Evan Spiegel’s team isn’t going to bask in its success, but is going to build up a foundation to meet investor expectations — Snapchat is getting ready to rightfully earn each one of those dollars.


Snapchat updates and enhancements are proof of the aforementioned approach. For example, in August, Snapchat users got a chance to enjoy “travel mode” that requires users to touch a snap to load. In July, Snapchat got rid of the requirement to press on snaps to view them. Recent developments and introductions have made it considerably easier for people to use the messaging app.

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