Snapchat explains what new emoji mean

Snapchat explains what new emoji mean


Snapchat has officially announced what the new emoji stand for

On August 5, Snapchat messenger released some new emojis, confusing its users even more than before. For a few days running, ‘snapchatters’ were puzzled thinking about the following: Why has a red heart appeared instead of the gold one? What do two pink hearts stand for? Is one red heart cooler than two pink ones or not?

Now the messaging company decided to get things straight, although, we believe, it has only made things more complicated still. As it turned out, a red heart means that somebody has been another person’s friend for two weeks in a row. This is very sweet and in our time when ‘nothing lasts’ is true about a relationship this can almost be considered an eternal friendship.

Snapchat has officially announced what the new emoji stand forHowever, to let users emphasise very special relationship indeed, the messenger team decided to add a new emoji: two pink hearts. This symbol means that two users have been friends for two months or over.

However, these explanations are not helpful when we come to other questions. E.g., why some users have their heart turned red from gold and later on it went back to gold. Reviewers believe that these changes are somehow to do with how much of an active snapchatter you are; any clear algorithm, though, has not been found or even announced yet. Neither has an official explanation been announced so far.

The remaining gold heart simply stands for the fact that you have a best friend among other Snapchat users.

Snapchat ‘reads’ faces!

Snapchat attempted to explain what other new emoji mean too:Snapchat ‘reads’ faces!

  •  ‘Face wearing sunglasses’ – one of your friends is also someone else’s best friend. You send a lot of snaps to someone who also gets a lot of them from others.
  •  ‘Grimacing face’ – your best friend is the best friend for someone else too. You send a lot of snaps to this person who receives a load of snaps from somebody else.
  • ‘Smirking face’ – you are the best friend for someone who you don’t consider your best pal. This person sends you a load of snaps but does not receive the same amount of them from you.
  • ‘Smiling face’ – one of your friends. Not the best friend, though, but he/she is good enough to be ‘just a friend’.
  • ‘Fire’- there’s chemistry between you, so to say. You and this person exchange an equal huge amount of snaps every day. The number indicated after the emoji shows how long this has been going for.
  • ‘100’ – This figure appears next to the ‘Fire’ emoji when the number of days that you have been sending each other the maximum number of snaps for exceeds 100.

All in all, thanks to the Snapchat innovations, users have now new goals to achieve. At least to earn a red heart to begin with.

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  • BilinesiAug 12, 2015 в 7:50

    As for me i use Snapchat a long time and i want say you it is the best messenger. you must use it :)

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    I glad that Snapchat everyone change useful for me. In next time i want use only this messenger. Other not good for me.

  • TrustrynxAug 12, 2015 в 8:10

    I don't like Snapchat :( not comfortable messenger :(

  • CrispHoopSanAug 12, 2015 в 8:11

    As for me snapchat moves in the right direction.

  • ReadyConspiracyAug 13, 2015 в 8:18

    When i see new snapchat i was glad that developers of this messenger make this changes. They are very good and now i can use snapchat with more emotions. It's good.

  • FearMasterAug 13, 2015 в 8:28

    Snapchat very good messenger. I use snapchat every day and now, after update, snapchat has become more convenient. All messengers must do this update.