HipChat’s new free emoticon pack out now

HipChat’s new free emoticon pack out now

Emoticon anarchy is afoot – HipChat introduces collections

Emoticon anarchy is afoot – HipChat introduces collectionsHipChat managed to stand out among competitors by giving its users the possibility to create smileys, stickers and emojis, submit them to the administration and then share them with friends in everyday communication. Sure, Atlassian’s product is not the only messaging app that carries out such promotion events. Hike is among the companies that finds its sticker designers among app supporters. In any case, signs of activity are always considered a plus.

HipChat’s initiative had such a positive reaction from users that the number of app downloads skyrocketed on every app store.

Anybody can add emojis to HipChat?

HipChat market analysts connected the dots and now users have the freedom to create entire collections of emojis. An emoji collection is, essentially, just a zip file that can be shared across the world.

A great example of such a zip file is the creative fruits from HipChat’s friends over at Major League Gaming – a famous team of cyberathletes. They put forward 13 emojis that they, as a group of friends, use most. By doing so they also promoted HipChat among their fan base. There are some really interesting emojis in there, for example, [jason] – he approaches to shoot down an idea, or the cute and multifunctional [Let’s go!].

The new emoji collection can be downloaded here.

Anybody can add emojis to HipChat

Developers expect users to send in new collections and provide feedback on how and when they use the sticker packs made by other creative teams, such as Major League Gaming.

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