A word of advice for users from Nimbuzz

A word of advice for users from Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz figured that counseling is cheaper?

Any software program, be it a simple mobile app or a complex integrated system, has problems and bugs. Usually, when a problem is encountered developers try to fix it. Nimbuzz, however, took a different approach. Instead of fine-tuning the app and making things easier for users, Nimbuzz published advice in its blog on how users can bypass captchas.

Well, at least it didn’t cost much. So, how do you take care of captchas in Nimbuzz for good?

How to avoid CAPTCHAs in Nimbuzz: step-by-step guide

Nimbuzz’s mission is to get users to spend as much of their time on chatting as possible. But the captchas, popping out here and there, are capable of taking the wind out of anyone’s sails.

Yesterday, August 19, Nimbuzz’s blog included a post of the instructions on how to get rid of captchas.

So, what needs to be done?

  1. Go to N-World, select Settings and press Mobile Settings.How to avoid CAPTCHAs in Nimbuzz step-by-step guide
  2. In Mobile Settings, make sure that the country, phone number and Nimbuzz password are correct, then click Continue.Nimbuzz figured that counseling is cheaper
  3. Next a verification code will be sent to your device via SMS. It must be entered into the appeared field. Then press Continue once again.Phone number verification in Nimbuzz

If the code is entered correctly, the mobile phone number is considered to be verified, meaning that the user won’t have to see another captcha when logging into a chat.

In general, the procedure isn’t all that difficult. There is, however, a catch: the majority of messengers have a much simpler way of solving the problem of transition between various menus.

We are confident that loyal Nimbuzz supporters will appreciate the concern demonstrated by developers. The rest will, alas, download another messaging application.

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