Nimbuzz drops the cost of Colour IDs


Stand out in Nimbuzz

Stand out in NimbuzzNimbuzz messenger has found a cheap way for users to stand out. It has reduced price for the Color ID service. From now on, you can show that you are cool by changing the colour of your name in a group chat to a different colour for a symbolic price.

Among the colour options you are offered are hot burgundy, cool blue, sweet rosy, royal purple, and many more colours and hews that are great looking too. In its official blog the messenger team says that these Color IDs will help you attract the attention of all chat participants.

Nimbuzz’ Color ID

In fact, this Color ID service was launched a month ago; however, according to the feedbacks, it didn’t get very popular. The developers are trying to save the situation present this discount as a special offer. It could be that in a month or two this color id thing will become free.

For those who do not want to wait and want to change the colour of their ID right now – go to the N-World menu, there tap Color ID.

Nimbuzz’ Color ID

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