WeChat offers way to make money

WeChat offers way to make money


Internet stars get paid for using WeChat?

Internet stars get paid for using WeChatIn one of its articles, Xinkuaibao Daily told its readers about a new way to make a living, invented by the venturous Chinese. Now, every public account owner with more than five thousand WeChat followers can earn $158 (1,000 Chinese yuan) in the worst case scenario.

The article reads that users of the most popular local messaging app, who worked long and hard to increase the audience of their public accounts, have discovered new profit-making opportunities. They now find themselves in a situation when they are approached by various brands offering money for a mention in the “blogger’s” post, simply because subscribers trust the author.

How much do WeChat opinion-makers cost?

WeChat offers a clear price list for provided services. The amount depends on the number of subscribers the user has. As a result, you have to have a minimum of 5 to 8 thousand subscribers if you want to start cooperating with brands. The cheapest publication will cost brands $158 (1,000 yuan). Two thousand Chinese yuan ($316) is the price that brands are willing to pay for publications posted by “bloggers” with 20 to 30 thousand followers. And if your account is way up there with 100 k followers, you’ll pocket $600 (3,800 Chinese yuan).

How much do WeChat opinion-makers costThe story doesn’t raise any questions: users invest a lot of effort into creating their Internet persona, which is full of habits, peculiarities and traits, get users to expect a certain publication schedule, and monitor their image. The downside of this situation are user attempts to realize their wishful thinking. People come up with fake lifestyles, for example, an executive bathing in luxury, while in reality the author can barely make ends meet.

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