Emotive Bunny Tuzki is Back in WeChat

Emotive Bunny Tuzki is Back in WeChat

Bunny Tuzki is back

Bunny Tuzki is backIf anyone remembers, one of the first emotive stickers in the WeChat messenger was the cute bunny Tuzki. Despite the fact that you could hardly ever tell from his face how he feels, this bunny had more luck demonstrating his body language. The messenger team decided to bring back the bunny character, which had been once removed; now it is back to make WeChat users happy. The Tuzki sticker collection is made to help users get through their routine working weeks, Monday to Sunday, encouraging them and lifting their mood.

Tuzki says Hi to office employees!

Tuzki says Hi to office employees!Tuzki knows for sure how reluctantly you get up when the alarm clock goes off and he’s willing to share it with your friends. He will be also there to give you some sympathy after you get unfairly told off by your superior. On your payday, he will share the joy with you and will happily soar into the air.

The messenger team decided to take an elaborate approach and asked users to answer the question if they are happy to see Tuzki back at all. If they are, they just need to download WeChat and visit Sticker Gallery. There is a restriction, though – the bunny-workaholic sticker collection is available only for selected countries. If you are lucky and your country is one of them, then download the Tuzki sticker pack and share the stickers with your friends. However, it is not a good idea to send these animated stickers to your superiors or fellow colleagues – they may misunderstand and take offence.

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