Social network platform RingID planning to replace Snapchat

Social network platform RingID planning to replace Snapchat

RingID to fight it out with Snapchat?

For quite a while, Snapchat was the only communication app where messages were removed after being read. Users took a liking to such increased secrecy. Many other startups saw success because of this key function. However, they did provide their unique visions of anonymity and secrecy. Nonetheless, many of them have failed.

RingID to fight it out with Snapchat?Now we can confidently say that Snapchat saw a worthy competitor enter the market – social network platform RingID.

What’s interesting about RingID?

This project almost completely adopted Snapchat’s secrecy model by offering users the “secret chat” function.

This function lets you to chat with friends, family and colleagues without saving the message history. Messages disappear in “secret chats” the same way they do in Snapchat.

What’s interesting about RingID?Nobody can really say that RingID stole the idea, they, rather, made a cover version of it, adding a bit of their own flavor.

  • First, the user can decide for how long messages will “exist”.
  • Second, created chat rooms don’t go anywhere once the messages disappear. This ensures a steady stream of messages.
  • Third, RingID can be used as a conventional messaging app. You can chat in the app, make free calls, send joyful stickers and multimedia messages. In addition to this, RingID is equipped with the social network functions: check your news feed, preview and comment on your friends’ statuses.

RingID is already out for iOS and Android devices, plus it has a desktop and web version.

New social network platform RingIDRingID creators guarantee that there won’t be any ads and promise to give its users video calls in the nearest future.

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