7 things to remember when choosing a secure chat app

7 things to remember when choosing a secure chat app

The world chooses security

Today the whole world is nuts about security. Almost anyone has a correspondence in their phone or on their PC, which is not meant for somebody else’s eyes. Gadgets do not work well for ever, they often get stolen. Nobody wants their personal secrets to become public fare. This is what makes secure messaging apps so popular these days.

What are the criteria for choosing a secure messenger app?

A good secure messaging app must combine two qualities: be simple and reliable. This is the basic stuff. Only a paranoiac could wish for a messenger requiring several passwords to send and receive messages.

A quality secure messaging app will be reliable in storing your chat history without making users feel worried.

So what else has a secure messenger got to have?What are the criteria for choosing a secure messenger app?

1. Gadget-to-gadget encryption

This contemporary technology will ensure the security of your correspondence. On the way from a device to the end-user device data gets encrypted and it is decoded already on the recipient’s device. There are quite a lot of encryption technologies but 256-bit encryption is considered the best.

2. Administrative password

A user must feel safe when using a messaging app. However, if we are talking about a company solution, IT-support workers must feel comfortable when working with it too. To be more exact, they need a full administrative control over the app and over the end user’s actions. Without these two criteria fulfilled, there is no point to discuss security.

3. Cloud data storage

Messenger users often exchange files. A lot of cloud drives encode data stored in them. This ensures that no third parties will read any of your information. Of course, no cloud storage can provide a 100% guarantee of security. Still, it is safer to keep data in cloud rather than in the message history or on a device.

4. Confidential data distant removal

If we are talking about corporate messaging apps, then eventually employees will come and leave, and then new ones will come to take their places. Naturally, the company’s IT support specialists must have access to deleting data and removing accounts to take care of any potential soft spots. This option is also a must-have if the company’s employees work from their mobile devices. The latter, as we have mentioned above, can be lost or stolen.Confidential data distant removal

5. Message self-destruction

If information is removed, it will never fall into wrong hands. To avoid worrying whether the users have deleted information or not, for companies it is better to choose a messenger where messages get self-destructed.

6. Compatibility and synchronization

A lot of people use several devices. Therefore, a good messaging app must synchronise conversations without compromising their security.

7. The maturity of technologies

New technologies are a good thing. However, new solutions are often not tested and do not hold up against criticism when used to the full. So if you mean to have a secured communication, choose solutions that have already earned a perfect reputation.

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