Jongla team gets closer to its users


community channel jonglaJongla messenger team has launched its own Jongla channel in its own messaging app in order to make the users happy. As of August 1, Jongla Community Channel kicked off.

From this point on, all users can be not only notified about updates but also take part in draws of prizes, in polls, can communicate with the messenger team and do other numerous activities prepared for them by the developers.

Judging by the official Jongla blog, users may be given gift certificates (for what products/services they are, it is unknown, though), unique stickers and provided with additional functionalities. The development team has also promised to provide useful tips to users.jongla_community_channel

Joining the Jongla community takes three simple steps:

  • Go to the “Channels” menu.
  • Find Jongla Community.
  • Tap the button to follow the channel.
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