Fun startup from Ukraine. Have you chatted with Artyom yet?

Fun startup from Ukraine. Have you chatted with Artyom yet?

“Anonymous chat with a real Artyom” is a new chat app for iOS

These days, if you want to win over an audience for a messaging app, you have to offer something unique, interesting and fun. Users are no longer satisfied with just massaging, sharing stickers and files.

Young people (these are the major audience of any messaging app) want to see something new, exciting and amazing.

Developers from Ukraine have tried to offer users a new experience and released the “Anonymous chat with a real Artyom”. The app is made for iOS device and can be downloaded in iTunes.“Anonymous chat with a real Artyom” is a new chat app for iOS

Artyom? Artyom?? Who the hell is Artyom?! And what do you talk with him about ?

Artyom is an anonymous friend living in the iPhone app. You can send Artyom text messages, smileys and share photos with him. Artyom can give you advice and he also wants you to ask him questions.

For those who do not know what to ask Artyom about, the site of the messenger contains the WTF section with examples. If you look at them, you will see that Artyom is willing to advise you what movie to watch, what to have for dinner or give you some advice about your private life.

The creators of the app insist that Artyom is not a chat-bot but a real person who will gladly reply to anyone who writes to him.

Artyom? Artyom?? Who the hell is Atryom! And what do you talk about with him? reports that the app’s creators plan to release an Android version and monetize their product by using a satellite app.

Time will tell if this plan has any prospects.

Probably the talented guys are simply having fun. And if they are being serious – we will write about this app again in the future.

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